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The Grand Telescopic

Telescopic Automatic Door


So what is a telescopic sliding door?  And how does it differ from a regular automatic bi-part sliding door?  Well, it is all about where those moving panels go when they start to slide.   Pay attention when you walk into a grocery store.  That door panel sliding out of the way goes in front of some stationary glass panels.  Those are called sidelites.

Telescopic Automatic Door

In the photo above you can see The Grand Resort, in Warren Ohio, has only one sidelite.   So where do the active panels go?   Those panels slide over top of one another like, well, a telescope!

Sometimes facilities need a large clear opening but they have masonry that restricts where the door panels can move.  The solution is a 3 or 6 panel telescopic sliding door.   This clever configuration helps customers get a grand opening for their customers.  Pun intended!

So what did our Estimator and Door Sales Guru, Andrew Balser, have to say about this project?

“Interesting fact about this project, they originally had a bi-parting door for their entrance. But the issue was when you approach the stairs the opening to the bi-part did not line up. Those Grand people would walk into the sidelite!! So to solve this problem we installed SX-X-O tele and now the traffic flow lines up.

The above featured door is a Record-USA product.  If you want more information about telescopic door products from Record, or any of our other manufacturers just drop us a line to: 


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