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Today our founders and owners, Bill and Lisa Warden celebrate 45 years of marriage!  A few people might argue this is when Bill became an expert on door thresholds, when he carried his bride across one.

One of the many benefits of having Bill and Lisa partnered together was the birth of this company.  As their daughter, and Chief Operating Officer, I am pretty biased in my opinion that they work well together.

As I reflected on their 45 years together I realized that much of what has made their marriage a success seems to be what has made the company a success as well.  The attributes that many observe in their marriage are also very similar to what we see in our company culture.

Built to last.  Even after all these years Bill and Lisa say they still “like” each other.  With that capacity for longevity it is no surprise many of our first customers in 1987 still work with us today.  Long lasting relationships with employees, vendors, and customers is part of our success.

We love to laugh.  Anyone who has met Bill and Lisa knows they may not always agree, but even when they don’t they always seem to end up laughing.  Hard work with humor seems to be another culture point adopted in our business.  It certainly makes work fun!

We love to help each other.   Around the house you never hear Bill or Lisa say, “That is not my job.”  For 45 years they both lend a helping hand; if Bill was busy Lisa fired up the lawn mower, and if Lisa wasn’t feeling aces, Bill would grab a mop.  Always helping is second nature for them, as it is for the entire team at Trinity Door.

We love to learn.  Growing, learning, and improving is what makes long lasting relationships work for everyone.  Bill and Lisa have instilled this into the company because that is who they are at home and at work.  Whether it is refinishing an old piece of furniture, or Bill discovering he has time for reading classic books with Lisa, they are always growing together.  At our company we too are always striving to learn something new or improve ourselves.

We thank them for their wonderful example that has helped shape our business and our company culture.  We wish them many more happy years together!

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