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Automatic doors can be a great investment for any building. They promote accessibility, add curb appeal, and provide energy cost savings. Automatic doors may even help your organization achieve ADA compliance. We work with building owners, facilities management, contractors, and architects. Call today and let our knowledgeable staff help you determine whether an automatic door is right for your building or project.

Blends affordability and function
Proven designs that people recognize
Saves energy by controlling door openings
Can be installed in new or existing locations

Perfect for controlling heavy traffic
Can maximize door openings in corridors
Can be installed in a variety of locations
Best option for creating traffic patterns

Cost effective way to automate most any door
Provides on-demand accessibility
Cheapest to operate and maintain
May make existing doors ADA compliant

Aesthetically appealing by hiding components
Good choice for architectural and heavy doors
Perfect for historic buildings
Works on a wide variety of specialty doors

Adds prestige to any building
Best option for high traffic environments
Provides maximum energy cost savings
Can provide better security and traffic control

Photo of an automatic door in an aesthetically pleasing building
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