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Monongahela Incline, Pittsburgh PA

The Monongahela Incline was the first passenger funicular railway built in the United States. Opened on May 28, 1870, it transports more than a half a million riders each year. A $3.5 million dollar major renovation was completed in 2015 that involved rehabilitating the cars, rails, ties and cable, and lift components.


The Incline has automatic sliding doors on both the stations and the rail cars themselves. Working on a historic landmark comes with many challenges. The cars lose power while travelling away from the stations so special wiring was required. Installation was also a challenge since many of the doors are inside the station at the top of Mount Washington with no level surface to work from.


Custom door headers were constructed to accommodate existing door panels on the rail cars. Special wiring and batteries were added to each door to safely keep doors closed until the cars are parked in the stations.

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