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Tower City Rapid Station, Cleveland OH

Greater Cleveland RTA Tower City Rapid Station, Cleveland Ohio

Tower City Rapid Station is a central rail and bus hub operated by the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority. Located beneath the Tower City Center, this hub serves about 30,000 riders each day. In the Summer of 2017 work began on a project to replace 11 automatic sliding doors and 4 automatic swing doors at the station platforms.


Both platforms were to remain open and operational throughout the duration of the project. Materials needed to be transported across active rail lines.


Efforts were coordinated with GCRTA and building staff to implement a specific work schedule that determined when doors could be removed and replaced. Coordination with rail operations were necessary to allow access for transporting materials over rails to work areas in the station. Safety precautions were enacted to control pedestrian traffic around and through work areas.

Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

Apex Construction & Management, Inc.

June 2017 – September 2017

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