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Door Inspections Starting at $80 Per Opening

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Don’t wait for your doors to break down! Annual inspections are a great way to manage wear parts and help control maintenance costs. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure–and it will probably save you some money too!

Benefits of a Door Inspection:

  • Catch problems while they are small
  • Reduce downtime from break-fix repairs
  • Create an easy repair schedule and budget if needed
  • Every door manufacturer recommends it annually
  • Promotes a good impression to patrons with clean, quiet operating door

Corroded bottom guides on an otherwise good looking door

Included in our Inspection:

    1. Visually inspect door operation
    2. Check for proper safety decals Install any that are missing
    3. Ensure tracks are level, aligned, secured, and cleaned of all debris
    4. Inspect and perform diagnostics to motor/gearbox assembly
    5. Inspect guides and pivot points
    6. Inspect and perform diagnostics to control box for proper operation
    7. Inspect belt for signs of wear
    8. Inspect drive system, of other than belt
    9. Inspect all mounting devices and supporting hardware
    10. Inspect and perform diagnostics to safe ties for proper operation
    11. Inspect bearings
    12. Inspect locking mechanism
    13. Check anchor bolts and tighten as necessary
    14. Check panels for non-binding operation and diagnose if necessary
    15. Inspect, clean, and adjust rollers/bottom guides,
    16. Inspect entire door system for signs of wear/damage
    17. Clean surrounding area, remove obstructions, and hazards
    18. Check for loose glass stops or damaged glass
    19. Check all panels for damage and missing or damaged weather stripping
    20. Ensure all wiring in header is properly routed and protected from any moving components
    21. Reinstall and secure access cover and recheck the complete door operation
    22. Thoroughly clean all equipment associated with door (including glass and header)
    23. Check closing latch location

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