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Meet Our Team

Bill Warden


The Founder and head honcho. He made the repairs, the sales, and apprenticed most of our senior staff. He loves his customers, staff, and a cup of very dark roast coffee. He actually remembers almost every door he has repaired and installed for over 30 years!

Lisa Warden

Vice President

Half of the original dynamic duo who started it all! The third generation in the automatic door business, she still loves opening doors for customers even after 30 years.

Allison Dunham

Chief Operating Officer

Daughter of Bill and Lisa, she joined the company in 2000 as an administrator. Now COO, she helps grease all the wheels and keep the company running smoothly. It’s all in the family!

Bill Veon

Director of Operations

Frequently called the energizer bunny, he has worked in the industry since graduating high school in *redacted*. He’s worked as a service tech, glazier, salesman, and now leads our training department, our dispatching, and service ringleader.

Joe Stoke

Warehouse Manager

After spending 7 years as a technician, he’s spent the last 7 years making sure our vans are stocked, orders are ready, and doing about a million other jobs to keep our warehouse running.

Jim Laing

Jim Laing

Project Manager

Our newest manager to join our team. With several years experience working in the field as a technician,  he take a hands-on approach to project management. He is the guy who can get the answers!

Andrew Balser

Andrew Balser


Our estimator for nearly 8 years, he is the sales guru who will price out a new door for your project. He is all about opening doors, closing sales, and making puns.

Cristi Stoke

Administrative Supervisor

Our administrative supervisor has been with us for 11 years and has shuffled more paperwork for more customers than anyone! She now leads our awesome admin team in all things office.


Ben Wetzler

Outside Sales Rep

He’s energetic, persistent, and just the guy to pay you a visit if you want a friendly, informative meeting to learn more about us. No one cares more about the customers who aren’t yet our customers than Ben!


Justin Baker

Service Technician

Starting as a very young man, Justin has over 7 years under his belt as a technician, and now is training the next generation of techs.  Also known as the wizard of all things sensor related.

Brian Glass

Brian Glass

Service Technician

The earliest bird in our flock, he is first out the door every day!  For 6 years his favorite response to any question is to happily reply, “Not a problem.”  He is also a top notch recruiter; all 3 of his kids are on staff now!


Gary Allen

Service Technician

The king of tech tips and tricks, Gary has been a cornerstone of our service team for almost 9 years!  If you want the job done right and done right now, this is your guy.


George Wilson

Service Tech

For over 5 years George has been spreading smiles, laughs, and cheerful door service to all customers and co-workers.  A famous winner of our most miles driven in a year award, and most emergency service calls, George is never afraid to put in extra time to take care of a customer.

Rob Cronenwett

Rob Cronenwett

Door Installer

Since 2017 Rob has been taking rectangle holes in buildings and filling them with amazing doors!  As a dedicated lead installer, Rob’s specializes in putting new, shiny doors at every type of facility.

Megan Dow

Megan Dow

Administrative Assistant

The queen of quotes and the concierge of contracts, Megan has been going over our paperwork with a fine tooth comb for almost five years. Calm, cool, collected, and always stylish, Megan gets it done!


Jen Buckley

Administrative Assistant

Jen is always ready for action, but when she does take a break, she always has a sidekick to hold the fort.  Invoices, receivables, and beyond.  If you need a funny zinger or a recommendation for a good food truck Jen always has one ready.

We are Hiring! Looking for Outside Sales Rep in Columbus Area.

Our Columbus Ohio branch has an opening for an Outside Sales Rep. Learn more and apply here.