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This past summer we completed a dual project for a local volunteer fire department facility.

The first phase of the project included new manual doors to replace doors that were several decades old.  They were having many problems including issues with locking.  Like so many facilities, the COVID-19 pandemic presented another challenge with budgetary constraints.

Our field trainer, Jim, generously donated his time free of charge to help offset part of the labor costs of the installation.  Our owner Bill also added in a special discount on materials as well to help the Fire Department replace the worn doors without additional delays.

Once the new doors were installed we worked on phase two.  This included a Brivo access control system with “Smart” fobs.  This system allowed the department to easily administrate building access to the many volunteer firefighters who may need to enter the firehouse at all hours.

This was a fun and exciting project to be a part of.  This local fire department was wonderful to work with, and we are happy because they were happy with the end result.  Many thanks to Jim French for all his efforts on this project.


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  • Marina (NMPL) A great project, obviously, very high-quality work. I have also been thinking about installing such modern doors in my building for a long time Reply

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Automatic Doors and COVID-19

Automatic doors serve an essential purpose in healthcare facilities and more broadly across our communities: providing touch free access and egress. As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, this purpose is even more critical. Through our joint efforts of providing, maintaining, and servicing automatic door equipment, our industry is helping to minimize the transmission of this and other harmful viruses which could otherwise be spread through the touching of contaminated door knobs, handles, etc.

Automatic Door Technicians, particularly AAADM Certified Automatic Door Inspectors, are on the front lines of ensuring proper operation and maintenance of these critical touch free access devices – working in healthcare facilities and other high-traffic areas where the risk of COVID-19 transmission may be elevated. Especially during these times, AAADM encourages automatic door technicians to follow these basic guidelines to stay safe:

For additional information and guidelines, consult the CDC website. All individuals are expected to take actions to reduce risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus, and we thank the automatic door technicians for their key role in ensuring proper operation of touch free automatic door access devices.