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Maintenance and Repair

Automatic doors contain many moving parts and wearable items. Regular care and maintenance can help prevent costly unexpected repairs due to breakdowns.

We employ a staff of highly trained technicians to identify and repair issues early on. We also maintain fully stocked service vehicles and two warehouses to help ensure that repairs of all makes and models can be completed in a single visit on the first trip.

Whether you have one door or two hundred locations, give TDS a chance and learn for yourself why our customers accept no substitutes.

Ask about our maintenance packages!

No one likes the costs associated with unexpected repairs. Our maintenance packages maintain wearable parts and help identify issues before they become costly problems. Scheduled visits can be easily budgeted and work can be performed when traffic is least likely to be impacted. Ask us if a maintenance package is right for your organization and request a personal walkthrough of your facility today.

Photo of a well stocked service van with lots of inventory
Photo of inventory shelves in a warehouse