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Power Cycle Quick Fix


Did you know automatic doors and sensors contain microprocessors?  They do!  And just like computers, occasionally they can experience hiccups in their operations that lead to performance issues.  Intermittent issues with door performance, like ghosting, could indicate that your door just needs a power cycle.  Yep.  Just turn it off and on again!

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There is a catch.  Only some doors truly cycle power with the digital display or the on/off switch that is on the door.  Many doors actually need to have power cycled from the breaker.

Think of your door like a computer.  When the screen is asleep is only appears like the power is off.  Really the computer is still on.  Unless you hit that power button the computer remains on and a power cycle has not occurred.  Most doors function the same way.  So flip that breaker!

Where is your breaker?  Well we can’t help with that part.  Your facility maintenance personnel, building owner, or electrician could probably point you in the right direction.


SAFETY NOTE!  If you do decide to try to give your door a power cycle, be sure to do this when your store is closed or traffic is low.  Station someone at the entrance to stop any pedestrian traffic from trying to use the door while you do the power cycle.

If you cycle power and it resolves the issue for a few days but then it comes back it is time to give us a ring for a service call.  If the power cycle doesn’t resolve the issue at all then there too it is time to call in the pros.

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