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Automatic Door Installer

Automatic Door Installer: A Career For Those With Brains And Brawn!

Like to get your hands dirty at work, but still like to be spruced and looking professional in appearance? Enjoy lifting heavy junk, climbing ladders, and using tools, but still want to interact with customers with the finesse of a salesman? Get the best of blue collar and white collar work as an automatic door installer!

What Does An Automatic Door Installer Do?

A typical day begins at our shop with a caffeine jolt, a loading equipment for the day’s installation project. Installers then travel to new construction or facility remodels within our service area where they tear out the old and put in the new door packages. This involves coordinating with contractors or owners, finding MacGyver like fixes for onsite construction issues, filling out paperwork to document the superb work being performed, and helpfully answering customer questions, providing technical support/customer education, and converting any grumpy customers into happy ones. A day ends by driving directly home from your last call and putting your feet up.

What Are The Job Demands?

  • Physical Rigor – lift 100lbs
  • Intellectual Astuteness
  • Social Adeptness
  • Clean Driving Record
  • Clean Background Check
  • Clean Drug Test

What Qualities Do I Need To Meet Those Demands?

  • Adapt to ever changing field schedule and environment; able to endure outdoor elements
  • Discipline in procedures for safety, quality, and efficiency
  • Attentive in all aspects of workmanship; includes repairs and documentation of work performed
  • Consideration and courteousness to all persons encountered in the work day
  • Helpful and responsive disposition
  • Aptitude for troubleshooting
  • Competence in mechanical and electrical repair
  • Proficiency in the use of hand and power tools
  • Stamina to work fluctuating hours based on daily schedule

What Do You Get Out Of It?

Satisfaction of doing an awesome job while you solve a customer’s problem. A good night’s sleep after working your butt off for a decent paycheck while opening doors to make the community more accessible. A chance to grow personally and professionally with a career at a company that offers a road to the future, not just a dead end.

The Deets:

  • This is a full time gig
  • We pay pretty darn good, and there are bonuses.
  • We have got that health insurance thing covered.
  • We have that retirement deal with matching to combat that Peter Pan complex.
  • We pay you to get lost a week or two out of the year…and on holidays too.
  • We pass out some hi-tech gadgets for communicating.
  • We give you a set of wheels and duds to get the job done for field personnel. BYO tools.