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Huntington Convention Center, Cleveland, OH

Huntington Convention Center, Cleveland, OH

Located in downtown Cleveland, the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland provides 410,000 square feet of prime meeting and event space, which includes 225,000 sq. ft of Exhibit Hall space, two ballrooms, and over 40 breakout rooms.


The Convention Center, like many large venues, was presented with a challenge due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The endgame on this project was for a visitor to be able to navigate through all the facility doors hands-free.  The plans called for one bi-parting sliding door and 66 low energy door operators.  The sliding door was to replace a suite of manual doors connecting the Convention Center and the hotel.  But that opening was much larger than a standard sliding door package, so that too presented a challenge to be solved.


Using ‘Wave to Open’ activation buttons with the low energy operators allowed those doors to operate hands-free, without pushing a button.

For the full energy sliding door we were able to fill the extra large opening left by the suite of manual doors by using extra “O” panels as sidelites.

Huntington Convention Center

Marous Brothers Construction

December 2020 – January 2021


Record 5100 Series Slider
Record 8100 Operators with ‘Wave to Open’ Activation Buttons