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Inside Sales Rep

Inside Sales Rep: A Career For Those Who Love Inside Sales

Do you love piloting an office chair with a phone and a laptop as your sales weapons of choice? Do you love killing it at customer service? Are you able to close a sale as easy as you close a door? If so, then this opening for an Automatic Door Inside Sales Rep is for you!

What Does An Automatic Door Inside Sales Rep Do?

A day begins at our shop with a caffeine jolt, and checking the email inbox for field quote approvals. Then hit the phones like a teenager, calling to follow upon existing client service quotes and contracts. Expand those current customer relationships and contracts too! After refueling on snacks and laughing at the latest office YouTube clip, go polar opposite of client maintenance, and dive into cold calls with selling extended warranties and reaching out to old clients who may have forgotten us. Juggling odd tasks to help co-workers throughout the day is just part of our small office environment filled with hustle and humor. The day ends with a high five on all closed sales and then heading home to put your feet up.

What Are The Job Demands?

  • Classy Appearance and Charming Personality
  • Cold Call Comfort Zone
  • Honest and Professional
  • Superior responsiveness and follow-up
  • Preserve successful customer relationships
  • Team player
  • Mad Computer Skillz
  • Drive to meet and exceed sales goals

What Qualities Do I Need To Meet Those Demands?

  • A Great Communicator!
  • Perseverance to chase down sales like a bloodhound tracking a bunny
  • Ability to close sales like closing a door
  • Learn and gain an understanding of our products and their function/application
  • Properly complete forms, reports, logs, and records
  • Super Organized, with an eye of detail
  • Must have B2B sales experience

What Do You Get Out Of It?

Satisfaction of doing an awesome job while you solve a customer’s problem. A good night’s sleep after working your butt off for a decent paycheck while opening doors to make the community more accessible. A chance to grow personally and professionally with a career at a company that offers a road to the future, not just a dead end.

The Deets:

  • This is a full time gig
  • We pay pretty darn good, and there are bonuses.
  • We have got that health insurance thing covered.
  • We have that retirement deal with matching to combat that Peter Pan complex.
  • We pay you to get lost a week or two out of the year…and on holidays too.
  • We pass out some hi-tech gadgets for communicating.