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Choosing the right door.

The automatic sliding door has replaced the swing door as the most widely used product in new construction where there is no limitation building/structural space. It is by far the most economical solution for a fully automatic entrance with a lower cost of ownership.

The manual sliding door, often referred to as an ICU or CCU door, is primarily used in hospital applications but can easily be used for any application requiring a manual sliding door.

The automatic revolving door has a higher initial cost that the rest of the automatic door lineup, but offers the highest energy efficiency and is the ultimate choice for optimum traffic control and security.

There are two different types of automatic swinging doors:

  • The ADA low energy swing door operator, commonly referred to as a Handicap door operator, removes barriers for the physically disabled at a reasonable cost, and can be easily retrofit onto your existing door. It utilizes push button activation by the pedestrian (or another knowing-act device), so it can operate as an automatic entrance or manually.
  • The high energy swing door package is used where space is limited and two-way traffic is not required, or to force one-way traffic in areas where traffic control is critical, providing a fully automated swing door solution.

The automatic folding door is a hybrid of the swinging and sliding door systems. It uses the drive systems from the swing doors, yet is capable of allowing two-way traffic. They are mainly utilized in remodels where two-way traffic is required and space is limited.

Record-USA is soon launching an automatic slide-fold door utilizing their sliding door technology in lieu of swing operators making a more reliable door with lower cost of ownership.

Choosing the right manufacturer.

Record-USA Automatic Doors
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Although new to the US market, Record has over 50 years experience in the automatic door industry and are the largest manufacturer of sliding doors in the world, producing 50,000 units worldwide. They are a leader in innovation offering the first and only self-diagnostic display pad that controls the door, eliminating needless service calls. Record offers a full line of doors that are competitively priced to meet your budget.


Dorma Automatic Doors
Drawings and Specifications
Dorma is one of the largest commercial manufacturers of automatic entrances, door controls and components in the world. They offer innovative and attractive products that are built from quality materials, with long lasting wearable parts. Incorporating the best design features used in the industry, Dorma, offers customers commercial entrance options to meet both form and function.